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With our team's combined experience of opening successful startups, why wait for someone else to offer our residents job opportunities when we can create them ourselves.

Building upon our resident's skill sets, joined with our business acumen, a job that allows our residents to communicate through work that they chose and we help them to create is a win/win. We know their needs and can accommodate them.

It can start with a small seed like growing Hyacinths for sale in our Greenhouse. And follow in the footsteps of other Autistic Entrepreneurs like Matt Cottle who started his own bakery. As his mom Peggy explained: "We want to inspire everyone in the autism community to make their dreams come true-to persevere tirelessly for success-because we deserve nothing short of incredible. And to quote our bakery's own inspiration, King George VI, "The highest of distinctions is service to others."


Connecting an effort to a beautiful outcome and the pride in an accomplishment when your paycheck arrives and you show your loved ones-as one of our founders like's to say "banana smiles".

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